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Devonshire Lavenders and Herbs



Included in the list are all the lavenders we have in our collection as at 1 st June 2008. We do not offer all of these for sale as they are not all suitable for general garden use.. Please enquire if there are any you are specifically interested in. Those marked with * are in regular production.

The following is a list of lavenders in our collection listed by species. Many of the stoechas types belong to sub species,. I have not used their subspecies.

Half hardy species with grey leaves and growing up to 1.5m in height. Blue flowers from April through to September. Very vigorous grower that can reach up to 3m in its native habitat. Easily trimmed into half standards.


One of the old traditional hardy lavenders with Grey/Green leaves and growing up to 75 cms in the garden. Darker Blue flowers which are at their best in late July/August.

Arctic Snow
Small white flowered lavender with mid green foliage. Hardy grows to around 45cms.

Ashdown Forest *
Hardy variety with grey leaves growing to 45cms. Light blue flowers in June/July. Neat and compact.

Bowles Early
Hardy variety with mid green foliage. Grows up to 45 cms. Bright Blue flowers in June/July

Cedar Blue
Hardy variety with grey/green foliage. Grows 50/60cms. Violet Blue flowers in July

Dwarf Blue **
Hardy Variety with grey/green foliage growing to 40/50 cms. Mid Blue flowers in July.

Folgate *
Hardy variety with mid green foliage. Grows up to 60cm. Soft Violet/Blue flowers in July. Very fragrant foliage before there is a flowers which then fades as the flowers become scented.

Hidcote *
Because this hardy variety has been grown from seed so much there is no one true clone. However our grows to around 30cms and has grey/green foliage with dark purple flowers in july. Hates waterlogged conditions in the winter. Not very fragrant.

Hidcote Pink *
Hardy variety dense grey/green foliage. Grows to 50cm. Pink, turning lighter as they mature flowers in July.

Imperial Gem *
Hardy 50cm tall plant with dense grey green foliage. Very similar deep purple flower colour to Hidcote. Flowers July/August. 

Lavenite Petite 
Hardy very small lavender growing to 30cms. with dense mid green foliage. Deep blue flowers in July.

Little Lady
Syn “Batland” Half hardy plant growing to around 20/30 cms with dense grey/green foliage . Bright blue flowers in July. Can succumb in wet winters.

Little Lottie
syn “ Clarmo” Similar plant to Little Lady except that flowers are pink instead of blue.

Loddon Pink *Hardy plant growing to 50/60 cm with mid green foliage. Darker pink flowers than most pink varieties in July.

Next to Grosso this is the other main oil producing variety. 

Middachten *
Hardy, bushy plant growing to around 50cm. With green/grey leaves. Very floriferous with mid blue flowers in July/Aug. Introduced by us from Holland.

Miss Katherine
Hardy plant with grey/green foliage growing to around 60cms. Lilac pink flowers in July.

Munstead.  *
Syn “Munstead Dwarf” “Munstead Blue”  Grown so much from seed that there are many clones of Munstead. Hardy plant growing to 50cms with mid green foliage. Lavender Blue flowers in July.

Nana Alba 
yn. “Dwarf White” “Baby White” Probably the smallest Lavender available. Hardy mid green foliage growing to around 20 cms. Needs good growing conditions otherwise it can die in winter.

Peter Pan
Very hardy clone of Twickels Purple with mid green foliage gowing to approx 60cms. Tall. Dark blue/purple fowers in July.

Princess Blue
Hardy growing to 60/70 cms with mid green foliage. Open, upright habit. Violet blue flowers in July.

Rosea *
syn “Nana Rosea” Hardy, bushy plant with light green foliage growing to around 50/60cms. Puple/Pink flowers in July.

Royal Purple
 Similar to Twickel Purple .Hardy plant with dark green foliage growing to 60cms. Dark Violet Blue flowers in July.

Twinkle Purple 
syn “TwickelsPurple” “Twickle Purple” Hardy variety with green/grey foliage growing to 60cms. Violet blue flowers in June/July.

White Horse *
 A good strong upright grower with a mid green leaf and white flowers. Reaches 50cm.


syn “Abrial” Abrialis” Half Hardy variety with grey/green foliage up to 70 cms. Good scent on long flower stems with light violet flowers in July/August.

Alba *
syn “Hidcote White” Large hardy plant growing to 80cms. Mid green to grey foliage. Long flower stems with delicate white flowers in August.

Arabian Night
syn “ Super” “Impress Purple” Large hardy plant growing to 80cms. With mid green/grey foliage. Long flower stems with violet blue flowers in July/August.

syn “Bujong” Byjong” Bygong” “Miss Donnington” Half hardy plant with mid green foliage. Grows to 90cm. Lots of long flower spikes with light purple flowers in late July/August.

syn “Vera” “Early Dutch” Hardy plant with a large bushy open habit with grey foliage growing to 80cm. Blue flowers in August on long stems.

Edelweiss *
Strong grower with grey leaves and tall spikes of white flower in early July.

Fragrant Memories 
syn “Grove Ferry” Hardy plant with dense grey foliage. Grows to 80cm. Really good dark flowers in July/August.

Not very hardy. Good gold/green variagation, but very poor flowering. Difficult to overwinter. Said to be fragrant.

syn  “Giant Grappenhall” Gigantea” Very Hardy plant with mid green Foliage. Grows to 80cm and has long spikes of dark blue flowers in July. Really good scent. 

Grey Hedge 
Large Hardy plant growing up to 90cm with dense grey foliage. Upright variety with dark Blue flowers in July/August.

syn “Dilly Dilly” “Wilsons Giant” Hardy variety. 70% of the worlds essential lavendin oils are produced from this variety. Green foliage turning grey as the season progresses. Grows to about 60cms and responds to cutting back. Dark violet flowers in July/August. The scent of Grosso is very much more herby, rather than pure lavender.

Hidcote Giant.                                                                                           Hardy plant with mid green foliage growing to 80cm. Mid blue flowers on long spikes. Bright Blue flowers in August.

Hybrida *                                                                                              Hardy and bushy with grey aromatic foliage and a good strong lavender blue flower. Excellent variety. Used in oil production. One of the most gardenworthy lavenders we grow.

Lullingstone Castle   
Large Hardy plant growing to 90cm. Has dense grey foliage. Good blue flowers in July/August.

Old English   
Very hardy plant with green/grey foliage. One of the largest varieties growing to 1m. Good scent with lavender blue flowers in August.

Seal *
Very hardy plant growing to 80cm with green/grey foliage. Long flower spikes with probably the best and strongest pure lavender scent of any variety. Flowers in Luy/August. Very good for lavender bags.

Sometimes called woolly lavender because of its soft light grey woolly leaves. It has thick leaves and very bright blue flower. Hates damp and only thrives in perfect conditions. reaches 1m height and spread.


lanata x angustifolia

Richard Gray *                                                                                        Hardy small plant growing to around 50cm. Grey/green foliage . Compact dark lavender blue flowers in July/August.

Sawyers *                                                                                            syn Conard Blue Half Hardy plant with silver grey foliage growing to 50cm. Beautiful deep blue spires of flowers in July. Good scent.



Albiflora                                                                                      small growing variety with green/grey leaves and small white flowers, slightly greenish in colour. Hardy with us.

Avenue                                                                                   Short hardy plant with mid green leaves and bright purple bracts.

Avonview                                                                                 Pinky red French lavender reaching 60 cm

Barcelona Series
A series of compact half hardy lavenders reaching around 30cm in heigh. There are 4 colours to the series:-
Bridal pink -large flower with deep pink florets with creamy bracts
Purple - Dark purple florets with mauve bracts
Rose - pink florets with creamy bracts , smaller flower than bridal pink
White - White florets with yellow centres and short white bracts.

Blue Star *
Upright growing variety which we would class as half hardy. Dark green leaves with purple/blue bracts and flowers. Very pretty

Devonshire Compact *
Our own variety of stoechas. Short bushy with dark green foliage. Large flower heads of purple flowers and pink/purple bracts. Long flowering and very compact habit Half Hardy.

Devonshire Compact White *
Our own variety of white flowered stoechas. Short bushy with mid green foliage. small white flower heads. Long flowering and very compact habit Half Hardy.

Evelyn Cadzow
Half hardy short growing variety with light green foliage. Short spikes of thin flower heads with red/purple bracts.

Kew Red *
Tender variety with red flowers and off white bracts. Short and slow growing. Doesn’t like wet conditions in winter.

Said to be a Cross of fat head and kew red. Not hardy.

Madrid Purple *
Upright fast growing variety. Very free flowering but only half hardy. Although it is described to us as a true stoechas we believe it to be a X with sub. viridis and hence it has a slight lemony smell. Good size flower head with a good purple flower and bract.

Madrid White *
Upright fast growing variety. Very free flowering but only half hardy. Although it is described to us as a true stoechas we believe it to be a X with sub. viridis and hence it has a slight lemony smell. Large flower head with off white flowers and pure white bract.

Madrid Blue *
Same habit as previous two lavenders but this has blue flower head with white bracts. You'll either love it or hate it. Long flowering season 

Large bush growing to 1m with grey/green foliage. Large flower heads with red/violet bracts.

Purple Ribbon
Dark Green foliage half hardy plant growing to around 50cm. Medium sives flower head with dark purple flowers and lighter purple large bracts.

Rocky Road
Hardy plant growing to 50cm with mid green foliage. Small flower heads with red/violet bracts.

Roxlea Park
Compact half hardy plant growing to 60/70 cm with mid green foliage. Medium sized flower heads with pinkish mauve bracts.

Regal Spendour
Half hardy upright growing variety

Very small growing variety with green/grey leaves and small white flowers, Hardy with us.

Somerset Mist
Tall half hardy plant with bright green foliage growing to 1m. Large flower head with green/pink bracts.

Sugar Plum
Grows to 60cm. Spreading habit with bright green foliage. Green bracts tinged with red/purple. Hardy with us.

St. Brelade
Upright growing to 80cm plant. Mid green foliage with bright purple flowers.

Willowbridge Calico
Half hardy plant growing to 70cm with dense bright green foliage. Large flower heads with off white (calico) coloured bracts.

Wine Red
Hardy variety with mid green leaves. Dark purple flowers with a “ red wine” colour in the bracts. Mid height growth.




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